If you don’t think I’m cute that’s your problem not mine

i completely 100% believe that people can change, i know that our opinions, ideas and even our personalities are things that, if we are willing or if under enough pressure, can renew or evolve. but, we need to change responsibly with acknowledgement of the past, if we change our opinions or ideas on a subject that before have hurt or offended people, but never address this change and begin to judge or condemn those who hold our old opinions without acknowledgement then without sometimes even knowing we’re invalidating the experiences of the people we’ve hurt. dismissing hurt in the past to seem righteous in the present doesnt help anyone. 

for example, i used to believe misandry was as harmful as misogyny, i apologise for that, i recognise that i was wrong and that i was ignorant in those ideas. i do believe anyone still holding this view can realise that mistake to but it is still not for me to judge them. 

and countless other things i have done, if u believe i have changed an opinion or an aspect of my personality that in the past was harmful yet have not addressed it, tell me 

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dear person i had a crush on

dear person i had a crush on 

the last tme i saw u was in an english exam, u’d barely spoke to me before but i’d always liked the way ur hair sat and how u smiled at every teachers bad jokes, when u asked how i answered a question im pretty sure i embarassed myself with how franticly i spoke but u didnt laugh, that was nice. 

u were nice and pretty, i should have been braver 

March 25  ♥  1 note

also dear george (as in jay's dog. not just a random george) (say nice things 2 my puppy)

GEORGE ur the cutest big pup in the world, and u make hay happy so u get a barbara award for good dog services! kissy kissy feels ur lil paws 

dear flynn

dear flynn ur a cutie mcpootie but please stop chewing all my clothes and trying to attack my dads head 

Dear past me,

why did u date that dude 12 year old barbara wake up and smell the gayness 

March 25  ♥  1 note

dear santa

how come ur too poor 2 buy me the gifts i want


Dear past me

put ur hands up and step away from the atheism 

March 25  ♥  1 note